Sunday, December 12, 2010

Goodbye Taricaya

So I´ve been in Peru approximately 3 months now and my time at Taricaya is coming to a close. What a bittersweet feeling! Taricaya has become a home and all the other volunteers my family. It would easy to stay here for over a year! But we joke that we know we´ve been in Peru too long because we´re starting to crave rice for all three meals of the day (yes that includes breakfast), we get super excited over fútbol matches, and we like drinking our brown creek-water over any brand of bottled water.

In the end, I really couldn´t have asked for a better experience! I only hope that all the lessons I´ve learned here will stick with me throughout the rest of my life. I never want to lose the wild jungle part of me!! Muwahahahah :)

So, bitter as it is to leave, Victoria and I have a SWEET six months ahead of us! We leave Taricaya on the 14th and we fly to Lima. We hope to meet up with Chelan, Rodrigo, and maybe even a couple staff members from Taricaya who will be there on holiday. We will also get to see good ol´ Andy and Jan there! Woohoo! From Lima, Vicki and I will split apart from the ´rents for a week or so and work our way down the southern coast of Peru. We hope to see Pisco, Ica, Huachachina, Nazca and whatever else tickles are fancy. Whilst Vicki and I become beachcombers, the parents will head to Machu Picchu and Lake Titticaca. Then, on Christmas Eve, we will meet back up in Arequipa and be together for a week or so there! We hope to venture down into the depths of Colqua Canyon (a canyon twice as deep as Arizona´s Grand Canyon). From there, we will have to part once more from the arms of our loving elders and Vicki and I will head back up to Cusco all by our lonesomes. But have no fear!, in Cusco, Vicki and I will unite with all the children that we will be passing on our EXTENSIVE amounts of knowledge to!

So basically, if I don´t update my blog or respond to any other forms of communication for the next month or so, do not FRET! I am safe and will let you all know about our travels in due course :) Have a very merry Christmas and enjoy the snow and all the fun holiday traditions for me!

P.S. Shout out to Tjos Hansen: Thank you Tjos for taking time out of your travel schedule to come see us crazies in the jungle! It was amazing and we LOVED having you here! Hope you got home safe and are enjoying skiing your brains out!

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