Saturday, September 4, 2010

10 days...

And the countdown has commenced! Though I'm scrambling to tie up all the loose ends around here, the truth is finally sinking in: I'm leaving for a long long long time. Definitely didn't practice my Spanish as much this summer as I had hoped... or at all.... but hey- my priority is people right now. I won't be seeing you for a year so make sure I get a good goodbye in before I'm off!! Or else.


  1. Andreo usando la computadora de Juanita

    Te amo chica. Ya que no estas aqui, tengo un corazon rompado.


  2. Faja!
    No he visto este commento antes de ahora.
    Haha i just totally BS-ed that sentence so I´m very sorry if that does not make sense! But my BS Spanish has been sufficient so far! I thank you so much for that talent Papi :)